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California Cosplay Gala is a social ballroom event for people who have an interest in Japanese pop culture (cosplay, gaming, Japanese fashion, and more!) At California Cosplay Gala, you can learn how to dance, listen to live music, and more! Our founder, Craig Yamaguchi has been running independent ballroom events since 2015. Here at California Cosplay Gala, we strive to go beyond your expectations and improve with every step. Our mission is to create an event that will bring individuals in the Japanese pop culture community together to be able to uniquely interact in a fun and safe environment.

Meet the Team

Photos Taken by Dietary Fiber / Tony

Photos Taken by Dietary Fiber / Tony


Craig Yamaguchi - Founder and Executive Director

Felicito "Chito" Signo - Marketing Coordinator

Danielle "Attiebby" - Executive Assistant

Adrian Madonaldo - Dance Instructor

Kenny - Webmaster, Dance Assistant

Cenia - Bag Check

Diana - Surveys and Feedback

PennyDox Art - Photographer

Kit - Masquerade Contest Judge

Vincent - Dance Assistant

Milton - Music Playlist Creation

Nicholas - Dance Assistant

Toshi Studios - Photographer


A special thank you to our guest judges!

CV01 Cosplay - Masquerade Contest Judge

Sora no Cosplay - Masquerade Contest Judge

Partners and Sponsors

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors who contribute to our events. Their continued support helps us to bring you the best event possible.

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